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Benefits of having your Washington State Medical Marijuana Authorization

There are some common knowledge benefits to having your "green" card. We want to share with you the best benefits of being Authorized. We also assist our members in the path to get your authorization, and guiding them to maintain a legal way to get medicine and prices that patients can afford. We believe cannabis should be covered under you medical insurance policy but unfortunately that isn't the case. Our mission is to educate the public and provide a safe way to use medical marijuana. Not all people who use marijuana are stoners. We want to change that stigma.



Current Law including medical exchange

Blank Authorization

Check out the Authorization Form and see how you can qualify and some of the additional benefits.

Get Authorized

Call - Kristie (from The Healing Clinic) is now with

The Herbal Clinic

Phone 253 346 8859

More Benefits

There are great benefits to having your authorization. Higher possession limits, patient to patient exchange, GROW YOUR OWN MEDICINE! and much more.

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